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I love it when other people complain about Alias. It makes me feel better, because I complain about it non-stop. Of course, I haven't said a word about the finale, because, well, I couldn't think of anything to say. I was dumbfounded, if you will.

I've been watching Deadwood all evening, courtesy of Jenn, and I believe I am up to episode 7. I haven't been keeping count exactly, but I finished one tape and I think she has 6 to a tape. All I know is that HBO is airing the longest western movie ever, one hour at a time, and I have no complaints.

I watched Alias Seasons 1&2 on DVD and loved it but this season *vomit* We'll get ex-communicated from Testing for this, you know.
And Yea! for you catching up on Deadwood.

I actually thought the finale of season 2 was disappointing. The last few minutes when Syd discovered she’d been missing for 2 years were very blah, one cliff-hanger too far. They were trying to give me shock face but my face was immune (he says proudly). Yes! unbeknownst to anyone, I wore a mask to hide my shock from the world. It would appear my mask needs to be upgraded by the time the s3 finale airs. This could be expensive but it undercuts altering my DNA, hence, I can cope.

*He slowly backs away, gradually fading into the black corner of AG’s blog. He has gone*

I like that "one cliffhanger too far". I may have to steal it in the future.
Also, totally off the subject, I miss our nonsense since the board has been down. Did you get my e-mail? I think the address might not have been right.

"Did you get my e-mail?"

Nope I didn’t, but I'm sure some lucky bastard is experiencing such a pleasure as we speak. I keep telling you AG, my e-mail address does not include the words Bobby Goren!!

Btw, I had trouble posting on your blog at 1:00 in the morning (around 6:00 pm your time yesterday) as well as earlier today. It told me content in my reply was inappropriate and I should contact the blog owner (you). I can only contact you here or pm you but since both functions didn’t work I swallowed my pride and deleted all the swear words and armies of cocksuckers! My reply was “nope” but that was also deemed inappropriate. Most likely it was a fault, unless you are filtering out all words, specifically mine! *shock leaps onto his face*

Just the thought that I would filter any content for appropriateness makes me laugh my ass off. I haven't changed any settings but I don' know what typepad is doing because A. also had problems leaving a comment. It was giving her some message about her computer sending spam.
Hopefully, it's just a glitch that has resolved itself.

Cocksucker! (Just testing.)

Whee. Swearing for no reason at all is fun.

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