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Something is wrong with typepad! Not only did I not get an e-mail alerting me to your comment but new comments are showing up on my "manage" page either. Cocksuckers!
Anyway, aren't baby planets the cutest thing ever ..well, after little six-year old A. in her blue dress, that is.
I edited this to add that now your comment to which I was responding has mysteriously disappeared so now I look like I am talking to myself ..or halucinating, neither of which is a particularly good thing

Is NASA handing out free Spitzers? I know the answer *sigh*. I guess we’ll just have to trust NASA that the planet actually exists [/cynicism]

P&T, I intuit that you are slightly less enthusiastic about this baby planet than yours truly. A. was wanting to knit planet-booties but then her comment got sucked into a black hole.
Also, stay tuned. There is no Deadwood tonight so I feel a blogging spree is imminent. However, my other imaginary boyfriend is on tonight. At least I won't be such a 'ho tonight since I won't be seeing both imaginary boyfriends in one evening.

TypePad must have somehow known that I cannot actually knit. It punished me by taking my comment away.

I can crochet. Please forgive me, TypePad!

It appears that I can "knit" the baby planet-booties and be more enthusiastic after all.

I'm so gonna' get sucked into a typepad black hole for this!

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