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Poor little monkey! I will add toy prizes (and a lollipop! sugar-free!) to the pile of goodies I must give you someday. Honestly, I will need a Little Red Wagon to bring you all of your loot.

You need a Radio Flyer. Then while I'm gloating over all my loot Will can pull you around in it. Doesn't that look like fun! Wheeeee!

I will now be trying for the rest of the day to use "double-poking cocksuckers" in a sentence. Hee!

I remember a simpler world, when double-poking and cocksucking sounded like such good things.

Poor little monkey! *pats AdventureGirl's head and goes off to look for toys for her*

I can't believe you used the <blink> tag. That's just wrong ;)

It really was rude of me to subject you to that obnoxious blinking but it was my pathetic attempt to share my pain ..or maybe I was just showing off ..or most likely it's just another symptom of a bigger problem-- the fact that I really need to get a life. :-O

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