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Poor clausterphobic monkey! I guess that when I eventually deliver on all that cake I owe you, I should NOT make it one giant hollow cake and then ask you to jump out of it.

I can't spell. D'oh!

I hate those things. The "open" ones are not much better. I will say this though....the couple of times I have had them done, they could play music. I found that having them crank it way the hell up gave me something else to think about. The tight space doesnt freak me out. Its the tight space, lying still and the thumping, ratchety noise of the machine that gets me squirming around. I tought the last time I went they said I could even bring a walkman.

A.,I mis-spelled it exactly the same way you did when I first wrote it but the spell-checker on Word pointed out the error. (God, how I love spell-check!) One time typepad went wonky when I was writing a long entry and I lost the whole thing. After that I started using Word when I'm writing and then paste it when I'm finished.

I could not believe how loud the thing was! Even with earplugs. They didn't offer music, only earplugs ..and I didn't think about bringing my own so d'oh! for me too.

I’m forced to use the downstairs toilet from time to time and it has spiders and the like in there and when someone walks down the stairs it sounds like an earthquake. But most important of all, I can’t pee standing up.

You weren’t being a baby or ridiculous, but I’m bound to say that, what with being your fellow panic attack buddy and all. I haven’t had one for a while, but I’m not brave enough to overcome or face my fears head on right now. You overcame that dread machine, although, you did semi-cheat with the incentive of a hot lab guy only a button away.

My God, a number of sentences without one mention of firefly. This is the biggest achievement of my day thus far. Kinda’ puts things in perspective in comparison to your achievement. I don't like the sound of the side effects, some bad dreams=( Like Mike said, music would've helped a little, or a recording of captain Mal's voice. D'oh indeed.

*begrudgingly hands gold star to AG*

*fakes a panic attack*

What's sad is that I knew how to spell it but when I type fast my fingers spell phonetically.

Stoopid fingers.

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