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I think Bettie was secretely hoping Mrs. Isringsingringhouse was gonna go after ole Momma'sFuckMonkey as well, sort of a transference of her own lusts.

Personally, I am all for the TVWP recapper who said that Richardson, Dolly, Wu and Ellsworth need a spin-off. It would be much more light-hearted.

Though I am personally voting for Ellsworth to plug that miserable sonofabitch Wolcott.

And as for Al's transformation... why do you assume he will become LESS vile? Maybe he will out psycho Cy in the coming days...

"Maybe he will out psycho Cy in the coming days..."

Stop it, you're scaring me.
And me, too, with the hoping that Ellsworth pops a cap in Wolcott's ass.

My husband must be feeling threatened by my overwhelming lust for Silas. Silly boy. Just because I audibly sigh every time he is on screen and squirm a little (OK, a lot) whenever he is on screen for more than five seconds...

Oh my god, I really want him. I have to go.

*sigh* He's so dreamy.. *sigh*

God I love this show. Its like watching theater. Not lame-ass TV. I am GIIDY with the anticipation of Al coming off the bench next week and getting his ass back in the game.

who played Carrie on "Gleet"?"
so far, I think the most desirable female - aside from Carrie - is seth bullock's wife.

Surely Seth and his wife had sex -- why else would they be first-naming each other?

never had a drink my ass!! hahahahaha, hilarious, f*ucking funny!!!


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