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Oh, man. I haven't even seen one single episode of this season, and I HATE IT ANYWAY. Season three was so much fun because I got to yell at the TV all the time, particularly when Vaughn did something stupid, which was every other second. PLUS it had wigs and stuff and was pretty entertaining. But I gave up because Syd never realized that Weiss (AKA Agent Pudgy) was the man for her, and Weiss never realized that Syd was a total bitch that he was too good for. I am not your average shipper. I want everyone to be miserable, but on MY terms.

Also, I have cake.

You know what else I dislike about this season? They used to have a cliffhanger every episode, and they don't do that anymore. *That* used to keep me watching. I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but I'm still holding out hope that this season will pick up.

Yeah, Alias has been totally boring me too. Every episode I turn to G and say "You know, I just might have to stop watching this show." I get annoyed often, like last episode when Syd is wearing her blonde wig and EVERY OTHER PERSON UNDERCOVER looks just like their normal selves. Stupid stupid.

My first clue this season would suck was how they changed the credits. Sorry, boys, the reason *I* watch Alias is not Sydney and her outfits. It's the boys, of which there haven't been nearly enough. *shakes head and exits rant*

*sneaks back*

But Weiss is still really cute.

Sadly, I agree, especially with the being mean to Jack part. I hate it when she's mean to Jack!

I used to be giddy with anticipation waiting for a new episode, and now I haven't even gotten around to watching the episode I taped Wednesday night. Syd and Vaughn aren't even making my little shippery heart go pity-pat anymore. Now they're just kind of boring. And I'm a little bitter about it.

I'll never stop watching, but it's a completely different show now. A much crappier show. With stupid opening credits.

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