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I'm going this afternoon, so I'll be able to join in the discussion! Yay!

I'm going this afternoon, too. Wheee!
It's on at my favorite older theatre that has a gorgeous gigantic screen and stadium-type seating. The popcorn, however, is just mediocre.

You're going to the Hyatt, aren't you? I am so glad it still exists. I saw Gone With the Wind there when I was 12 or 13. That theatre's widescreen was so wide that I felt enveloped by the scenes.

I also saw The Towering Inferno there. Bad movies made better by technology! Woot!

Yes! The Hyatt! *claps hands in glee* Too bad you guys aren't here, we could have had a great movie outing. Sin City at the Hyatt and lunch at Max's. Excellent!

Again! Again! I'm told they didn't include all the stories. Is it too much to hope for a sequel already?

No, it's not too much to start hoping now because we simply must have a sequel. I'm going to try to write about it tomorrow but for now can I just say that "visually stunning" would be the understatement of the century.
And also, I have loved Robert Rodriguez since El Mariachi.

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