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You and bad boys, AG. Hee. You’d love Tom Quinn (real name Matthew MacFadyen) from the BBC drama “Spooks”, season 2 in particular. (I missed season 1) He is the sexiest bastard ever but not the baddest boy ever, far from it. But I’m certain you’d adore him… In the US it’s called “MI-5 volume 1”, volume 2 etc. Rent it if you can.

“It’s so comforting to understand one’s mission in life”
I discovered something (someone) BEFORE AdventureGirl. My life is now complete. My mission is complete!

So you’ve witnessed the shockathon that is the season 2 finale? I need more time to recover.

Tommy! How I've missed you! I guess that's what I get when I don't update for ages. But that's another kettle of fish entirely.
Darling, I can't believe that we're actually watching something at the same time. Yes, I did see the season 2 finale and I thought it was excellent. And The Carver is one scary mofo. [meeps] I had a nightmare last night and I'm pretty sure he had a starring role.
Are you going to get the new season when it starts or will you get it months later?

Well, thank goodness you like the bad boys! I had completely forgotten that Nip/Tuck season 2 had finally come out on DVD. Now I have it on RUSH, so I can watch it in time to start season 3! Adventure Girl, you rock!

My current bad boy is Logan from Veronica Mars. I am a sucker for bad boys who seem like they have a chance for goodness, only to be smacked down. Poor bad babies.

I have missed you too.

The Carver has well and truly destroyed my TV schedule with his crazy-arse shenanigans. I strongly doubt whether Nip/Tuck will return for a season 3 over here. If it does, we’re talking a year’s time when everyone's mental safety can be assured. This is an inappropriate thing to mention under a bad boy blog entry but Nip/Tuck has moved me to tears so many times. The Ava/Adrian twist in the finale was another example. Previously those two had both just made me a nervous wreck without the crying…

Oh, I caught Six Feet Under “Time Flies” tonight. The episode ended with my FAVOURITE bad boy Nate throwing a dead bird he killed in a trash can. I’ll have to reconsider who deserves the title “my favourite bad boy” in future. *weeps*

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