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Ditto everything about the surgery scenes. Ugh.

The beginning of last night's episode really scared me. I wouldn't believe it and wouldn't believe it and then I started to believe it and then they were standing on the pier. Whew! They were that close to losing a viewer.

At least there’s often music played during the surgical scenes.

Joely Richardson is the best actor/tress on the show.

Joan Rivers is going to feature more regularly in season 3 according to…Joan Rivers. She mentioned this on a chat show. Beforehand, Joan told the audience how she flew to England on a plane with Angelina Jolie, accusing Angelina’s lips of resembling an infected arsehole *gasp*. Should Miss Jolie be sent to Dr Troy I wonder? (any excuse) I’ll answer this…. YES!

Oooh, yes, Amanda. I kept saying this can't really be happening--I saw him in this season's previews. But then I said how are they going to get out of this? And then the dream thing. At least it was well done.
Tom, I have to admit I'd like to see less of Joan Rivers, not more. I didn't like her on the show at all. When they made Dr. Troy laugh at her lame-ass jokes it made me gag more than the surgery scenes. She's so creepy.

I find Joan amusing, but it’s the way she says things rather than what she says. Nip/Tuck goes to great lengths to put people off plastic surgery. Creepy Joan fits in well (Season 3 is going to hell....)

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