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Hi Adventuregirl i found your blog by mistake while looking for deadwood pics an articles (one of my favourite shows) an quickly fell in love with it I've read everything on your page an i check back every couple of days to see what you've been up to course i find your stories very entertaining an your sense of humour extremely funny i think that somewhere in that mind of yours there a best selling book just waiting to come out well that's enough brown nosing for me today i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your blog

p.s I'm a big Fiona Apple an your post was spot on

To quote steve martin in "My Blue Heaven"...
I like em a little bit...dirty.

Like Haliburton owns the White House! I love it.

Vittorio, thanks ever so much. Comment whenever the mood strikes you. It's a fun group.
Mikey, of course you like them at least a little bit dirty. And the Haliburton quip was perhaps my best quip in ages. I need to get back in the groove. My job is robbing me of my quipage. Fuckin' Gainful Employment.

According to this interview on NPR, she regrets the "rolling around in her underwear" incident.

Heee, leave the philosophical stuff to Rufus and Ani... heee!

Glad the album is good. I like it when she sings.


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