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"Wee adobe abode" almost killed me. Both the wordplay and the envy. We'll be at the beach this weekend -- here's hoping for a good view!

We're planning to be at my parent's lake house, where the sky is as clear and dark as I've ever seen it. I'm holding out for some bitchin' Earthgrazers. I can't wait.

I love the Perseids! Thanks for reminding me. I usually get a bottle of wine and my lounge chair and go find a field outside of town to watch.

If the sky clears, I will sit in my back yard & look for them. I'm usually disappointed, but have hope for this time.

Happy Birthday, AdventureGirl!

I'm so sad. They sky was totally overcast the entire weekend at the lake. :(

In any case... I hope you got a good show!

*gasp* peebs! I thought you R-U-N-O-F-T. What a nice birthday surprise. And, yeah, it was today. Like anyone could even know that. heh. (notice how I squeezed in two of our favorite references)
megs, my sky was pretty cloudy a lot of the night, too. I caught a few here and there but the pre-dawn "flurry" was the worst Perseid pre-dawn flurry ever ..but I had a fab time in Taos!

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