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what? no cavorting? honk.

worst blog follower ever so this is the place for me


I hope you've been enjoying your day!

awww, peebs, you nevah forget me! Thanks
I've been reading a trashy vampire hunter novel so it's been a lazy day, which is A-ok with me. I was totally knackered.

i did not forget. i was not home. i am now. happy birfday. as usual, my issue is finding a box. i have things for nine months, and then i can't get my ass in gear to find a proper box. i suck, and not in the good way.

Happy Birthday a day late !!!!

eggy, I submit to you Exhibit 1-the pillow I promised you months ago. You will never unseat me as the reigning queen of postage suckage. I scoff at your feeble attempt. heh.
Hiya, cgal, thanks!

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