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Ouch. Like pouring lemon juice on a paper cut.
I'm sorry, sweetie.

You just gotta meet the right cat. Mine are pretty cool (if not a touch stupid on Calvin's part). Sorry about the doggie allergy though. =( But hey, at least only 2 showed up positive! That's progress!

Thanks, peebs. Paper cuts are heinous even without the lemon so that's an even more gruesome torment than salt in the wound, so of course that works for me. heh.
tgirl, I think you're right about cats, after all I totally love the big ones. I got downright misty-eyed and choked up over the astonishing beauty and grace of leopards and cheetahs. And lions are totally great-like in general.
I still bear the scar from a deep cat-scratch from 20 yrs ago. Unfortunately, my idiot boyfriend decided to shoo the cat away from my lap by startling it with a loud hissing sound.
Of course that was not the cat's fault, it was the idiot's.
And the fact that I married the idiot probably wasn't the cat's fault either but I (conveniently) choose to blame that lunacy on cat scratch fever.

Maybe you could find a cat like my Megan. She acts like a dog half the time and is a constant source of entertainment.

Sorry it's taken me so long to check in here ! Cats are NOT creepy, they are loving & funny . Adopt an adult that's already litter trained & looking for love. And they are very low maintainence, not like a dog that has to be let out every few hours & walked & all that crap.

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