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Go bowling, sweetie! You're way too interesting to kill yourself.
It's always amazed me, that you don't have your medical degree yet, considering all the self-diagnosis you've had to do. Those doctors should only charge you half price, if that much.
Demand royalties, if your story shows up in any medical journals.
I hope you find a genius doctor that can give you some relief soon. :x

Thanks, Peebs. I really think the Immunologist I saw is great--she's all over it with the best testing I could ask for. Plus she's kind, which is not what I've been experiencing AT ALL at the GodComplex, which is how I refer to Stanford Neurology.
She's already confirmed and officially given me the diagnosis of Mast Cell Disorder, just hoping it's not the worst kind, which is systemic. [crossing fingers & thinking about sacrificing a goat just for good measure]

I'll collect pee WHILE bowling for 24 hours if it guarantees a Deadwood movie!
This Doc sounds like a keeper.
Hope all the whizzing and bloodletting pays off...quickly!!

Are you on FB?? By that, I mean Facebook, not fucking bedrest...

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