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...does this mean it's your birthday?

Yepper, it was yesterday--the birthday wasn't bothering me but the marking of another year of Mystery Illness FunTime was a bit of a bastard.

Happy Belated Birthday, sweetie!
Sorry about the MIFT anniversary. :(
I hope it cheers you up, to hear that Big Earl says Milch is writing the Deadwood movie...it's happening!! (in case you didn't already know).

I thought I'd heard it but wasn't sure if it was just feverdream fuckery during the months when I was super-encephalitic. (the worst superpower ever, BTW .. LOL .. OMGs!!)
Good to know the Deadwood movie is for real. These doctors really have to get it together--I have to see this movie, you WhiteCoatCocksuckers!

"worst superpower ever" :-D LOL

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