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Oh my stars. I am not going to ask if it can get worse!!!!! Saw Gary and Marla over Thanksgiving. We went to see a Cowboys game! Had a great visit. I love you!

Hey, girl. It has all been highly unpleasant but making some progress [fingers crossed and butt-cheeks clenched].
Love you back!

Where have you been?

Hello, old friend!I feel like I kinda fell off the face of earth for a couple of years. I'm finding it a bit difficult to re-engage with The World. It's like I can't get up enough speed to jump back on the merry-go-round. And now I'm mixing metaphors. Ugh.
Also, Happy holidays!

Know what you mean. I've got Blog-Block. I'll stare at the screen and go Duh... and can't think of a darned thing to write.
Glad to hear from you and hope you have happy holidays your self!

I’m not sure who you are, but after stumbling onto your blog, I wanted to say that I hope you are well.

May 31st, on HBO is Deadwood: The Movie. Tying everything together 5 yrs later. Please tell me you are going to do one of your famous reviews?

Thanks for the kind wishes Sam. And I wish I still had that writing spark, Redman, but I feel it might be lost for good. I liked the movie, even though those cocksuckers made me go all misty-eyed and so fucking forth ;)

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